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Spiced Golden Milk

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The best of both worlds when it comes to warm, comforting drinks: a chai spice blend mixed with a golden turmeric latte. The flavors are

Zesty Garlic Tomato Juice

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I was one of those kids who loved canned tomato juice. This recipe is the closest I have come to replicating it homemade. Zesty with

Maca Super Smoothie

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Creamy without any added cream, this rich smoothie relies on the power of egg yolks for a smooth consistency. Though high in calories, it is

Matcha Avocado Smoothie

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Chock full of healthy, filling fats and a matcha-shaped kick in the pants, this smoothie will get your morning going! Yields: 2 servings Ingredients :

Good Morning Tonic

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Lemon: increases stomach acid to aid digestion; has anti-inflammatory alkalizing effects Ginger: stimulates enzyme secretion to aid digestion; potent antibacterial and anti-fungal properties Turmeric: powerful