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Warm Greens with Bacon &

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Bacon, tart green apple, bright lemon juice, and toasty pine nuts lift the best flavors out of thick, leafy greens. And for those in need

Spanakopita in Chickpea Wraps

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I love the taste and texture of traditional spanakopita, a Greek dish of cheesy spinach layered in delicate phyllo pastry, dripping with butter. However, what

Asparagus in Lemon Vinaigrette

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This dish is inspired by the traditional Spanish Christmas-meal appetizer, esparragos en aceite y vinagre. I know, it’s not exactly seasonal, but occasionally I enjoy

Animal-Free Green Ham & Eggs

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No, you have not misread the name of this dish because it is indeed animal-free yet it’s the perfect vegan substitute for ham and eggs.